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Phonemic Awareness Activities

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Phonemic - Phonological Awareness


1. How many words in a sentence?









2. Busy Busy Bumble Bee 





3. Blending Onset Rhymes: 







4. Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear 




5. The Montessori Approach 

   According to Woods (2003), the following activities are suggested:  

  • Word play 


  • Songs 


  • The Alphabet Song 



  • I Spy


  • Word Games



6. Memory




7. Picture Hunt




8. Stamping




9. Rhyming Wheels





 10. Onset and Rime Spinning Game




11. Read the Room



12.Squaring Up




13. Stretchy Snake



14.  Index Word Card Slide  


Pinned Image


15.  CVC Sound Boxes



16. Bingo Chip Segmenting:

Using magnetic bingo chips and a cut-apart egg carton, place a chip in each slot.

Have children pick up a chip as they say each sound from 1-6 phoneme words.


17. Phoneme Jumping: 

use green, yellow, and red mats on floor.

Have children say the sounds they hear as they jump from mat to mat using 1-3 word sounds.



18. Night light segmentation: 

teach children to work from left to right saying sounds in words

as they turn on and off the night light for each letter sound.




19. Tray Segmenting Words



20. Picture-Word Cards



21. Phoneme Blending folder activities





22. Bead Slide





 23. Phonics Phones 




 24. Rhyming Folders






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