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Definitions ch 3

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Definitions for Chapter 3


Alphabetic Knowledge Knowledge of letter names or letter sounds


Decoding nonwords - Use of symbol sound relations to verbalize pronounceable nonwords (e.g. “gleap,” “taip,”).


Decoding not otherwise specified - Use of symbol sounds relations to verbalize real words, pronounceable nonwords, or both.


Decoding words - Use of symbol-sound relations to verbalize real words or use of orthographic knowledge to verbalize sight words (e.g., “have,” “give,” “knight”).


Phonological Awareness Ability to detect, manipulate, or analyze components of spoken words independent of meaning. Examples include detection of common onsets between words (alliteration detection) or common rime units (rhyme detection); combining syllables, onset rimes or phonemes to form words; deleting sounds from words; counting syllables or phonemes in words; or reversing phonemes in words.

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