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Page history last edited by Kimberley Kennedy 11 years, 6 months ago

Welcome to the Early Literacy WIKI

For C&I 5823: Reading and Writing Development in Early Childhood

with Kimberley Kennedy, Ph.D.,

Associate Professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio 




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Here's the link to the Collaborative Wiki Schedule







In the summer of 2010, my wonderful graduate students focused heavily on the National Early Literacy Panel Report (2008) and the academic conversations surrounding it. Their major charge, among other things, was to work collaboratively on deciphering the full version of the report (specifically Chapters 2 through 6) and extending it with research-based and teacher-friendly suggestions and recommendations. 


While each page (listed below in the table of contents) is unique, they all (1) provide an overview of individual NELP chapters and (2) have a lengthy section that links the report to practice. So make sure you scroll down to see practical recommendations regarding how to better serve young children in their language and literacy development.



Table of Contents:


Here are the links to some information and newspaper articles regarding the new TAKS reporting methods:


I have provided a synthesis of some key terminology and research regarding Early Literacy. --Dr. Kimberley Cuero



Spring 2010

This Buddy Reading page was done for an independent study from Spring 2010.




Fall 2009


This section is from Fall 2009. It was the first time any of us engaged in a Wiki. As a class, we discussed students' areas of interest related to the course and figured out a collaboration schedule (according to the following Wiki Schedule).


Table of Contents (developed in Fall 2009):




Info for Wiki neophites: 

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